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At The Egyptian Hospital, a positive patient experience is of vital importance in every service we offer. Our radiology department is a hospital pillar equipped with state-of-the-art imaging services that perform a wide range of highly advanced radiological tests, while delivering the most accurate, timely, and informative results to our patients in a welcoming environment.

Our radiology department is a “HURGHADA SCAN”.


The radiology department provides:

• X-Ray.

• CT Scan

• Ultrasonography – Dupplex (3D & 4D Full Body & Obstetric Scanning)

• Echo Cardiography


In our radiology and medical imaging department we are able to provide:

  • Upper Abdominal “Standard” scanning;
  • Scanning of the Urinary tract;
  • Pelvic Scanning for Female Patients;
  • Obstetric Scanning;
  • Scrotal & Testicular scanning;
  • Inguinal, Lower Abdominal & Retro-Peritoneal scanning;
  • Modified Abdominal Scanning;
  • Pediatric scanning;
  • Cancer Screening Applications;
  • Prenatal Care Applications;
  • More advanced 4D functions;
  • All results are ready at the same moment. For the result report of the CT scan you must wait 1 hour. Comments and opinion will be at the end of the report, clear and precise.

We are working 24 hours 7 days a week.


  1. Ultrasound abdomen and pelvis
  2. Colour doppler lower limb (arteries & veins)
  3. Chest x ray
  4. Echo cardiology
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