Newborn incubator

General Details
A neonatal incubator is a rigid box-like enclosure in which an infant can be kept in a controlled environment for observation and care. The device may include a heater, a fan, a container for water to add humidity, a control valve through which oxygen may be added and access ports for nursing care.

At The Egyptian Hospital we have 3 incubator units with central gas system and monitors, one neonatal ventilator and the phototherapy light.


Why babies need special care?

Babies can be admitted to neonatal services for a number of reasons:


  • they are born early –  babies born before 34 weeks may need extra help with breathing, feeding and keeping warm;
  • they are very small and have a low birth-weight;
  • they have an infection;
  • their mother has diabetes;
  • the delivery was very difficult or they have jaundice;
  • they are waiting for, or recovering from, complex surgery;


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