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Neurosurgeon is a doctor specialized in diagnosing, treating and when necessary operating on neurological problems arising from illnesses affecting the brain, spine, or nerves.

Brain diseases may present with headache, tingling, weakness, difficulty in walking, visual disturbance, epilepsy, memory loss, and other symptoms related to malfunction of  the central nervous system. These symptoms could be due to minor problems like tension, stress, transient infections, or may be caused by a more serious illness that caught early could be treated successfully, brain infection or subdural hematoma, even brain tumors, half of them are benign and could be treated and cured.

Spine diseases include lumbar, thoracic, and cervical problems like disc prolapse, infection, inflammation, arthritis, muscle spasm, congenital deformities …… All these illnesses could present with back pain, neck pain, or pain in arms and legs with tingling,  numbness, or weakness. Peripheral nerves are the nerves after they leave the spinal cord and go into arms, legs, or other internal organs In severe cases one could see problems with urination or sexual dysfunction. Along there long path they could be affected by injuries, pressure, or inflammation this will present pain, weakness or sensory problems in the affected organ.

The vast majority of neurology problems could be treated conservatively that’s to say with medications, rest, fixation with cervical collar or lumbar corset, with or without massage and physical therapy. In the few cases which do not respond to conservative treatment, neurosurgeon has the ability to perform surgery as a last resort for treatment.

The Egyptian hospital has several outstanding physicians specialized in neurology and neurosurgery. The emergency department offers the area’s only stroke team including an emergency physician, CT technician, radiologist and neurologist providing immediate and systematic treatment of strokes with the goal of minimizing debilitation.

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