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In this day in age, the clinical laboratory produces vital information for effective healthcare delivery. For our doctors and specialists, case assessments rely heavily on accurate, reliable, and prompt laboratory testing. At the Egyptian Hospital, we are pleased to provide our patients with laboratory services of the highest caliber as we apply national and international standards for quality and safety.

Our laboratory is a branch of  “OMEGA Laboratories” – the leader in advanced laboratory systems in Egypt.


Why to go to Omega lab specifically?

We do provide u with the best quality of health care.

We have different way of dealing with patients because we do really care. It is a high technology lab with highly qualified professors well trained staff members and chemists.

There are 5 branches for Omega LABORATORIES present among The Red Sea and ONE branch in THE EGYPTIAN HOSPITAL. The lab affords quick results with best performance in conjunction with main lab quality control and head department supervision   in Egypt.

  • The routine lab results are ready after 2 hours.
  • Hormones and tumor markers investigations within 24 hours;
  • PCR after 3 days;

Also we offer the possibility to get the lab results by e-mail.

The lab presents different Packages for:

  1. Full  checkup
  2. Premarital checkup
  3. Diabetes profile
  4. Kidney profile
  5. Liver profile
  6. Lipid profile
  7. Hormonal assessment
  8. Hepatitis C assessment and monitoring
  9. Haematological diseases assessment
  10. Diabetes monitoring
  11. Detection of cardiac lesions in early stage
  12. Deep venous thrombosis monitoring
  13. Genetic  screening tests
  14. Thrombophilia genetic screening
  15. Tumor marker screening
  16. Male infertility tests
  17. Female infertility tests
  18. Tissue Typing
  19. Allergy unit profile
  20. Fever of unknown origin
  21. Tissue Pathology
  22. PCR   For:
    • Hepatitis B  &  C
    • HIV
    • CMV antigen
    • T.B
    • FMF
    • HLA class I
    • HLA class II
    • DR
  • 23. Cytogenetics
  • 24. Drugs monitoring(several)
  • 25. Microbiological study

Omega lab works 24 hours 7 days a week during vacations and feasts

The lab is managed by:

  • Dr.Amr Ibrahim Ali

COO OMEGA LABS governing high qualified trained team of staff members  and chemists. To offer the best Service and best Care.

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Lipids: Fasting  for 12 hours, only water is accepted.

Sedimentation Rate: Fast 6-8 hours (preferable)

Uric acid: Fast 6-8 hours (preferable)

Urine for Pregnancy: First morning urine (preferable), provided there was no fluid consumption the night before. If result is Negative, a pregnancy blood test is suggested since it is more sensitive.

Fasting Blood Sugar: Must be fasting for at least 8 hours, and maximum 12 hours, only water is accepted.

2 Hours Post Prandial: Meal must be consumed within 15 minutes and 2 hours are calculated from the beginning of the meal.

24 hr Urine collection: Immediately upon waking up in the morning urinate in the toilet bowl and record the time. Following this and through to the next day, collect each drop of urine at the same time (24 hours). Keep urine refrigerated.

Semen Analysis: Total abstention from intercourse or masturbation for 4 consecutive days. Sample is better to be given in the lab, ensuring that the first drop of semen is placed in the specified bottle.

Pap Smear: Refrain from antibiotics for at least 48 hours before test. Refrain from intercourse for 2 days. Refrain from washing coitus on day of test.

Urine Culture: Refrain from antibiotics for at least 48 hours before test. Sample must be received by the lab within 2 hours at the latest>

Stool Culture: Refrain from antibiotics for at least 48 hours before test. Sample must be received by the lab within 2 hours at the latest. Samples received in children’s Pampers are not acceptable.

Invisible blood in stool (Occult blood): 48 hours before the test, patient must refrain from consuming all kinds of meat, turnips, medication for rheumatism, any medication containing Aspirin, Vitamin C, Cortisone or Lead as well as any laxatives.

3 consecutive days Urine collection: Must be first morning urine and must be sent separately to the lab each day.

3 consecutive days Sputum: Before eating in the morning, rinse mouth several times with water and provide first sputum. Saliva samples are not accepted. Samples must be sent separately to the lab on the same day.

Inhalation of steam from hot water in the morning aids in providing sample.


Asthma & Epilepsy Drugs: Medication must be taken regularly for 5 days at least, provided there is no vomiting or diarrhea for 48 hours before the test. The first drop of blood is taken immediately before the morning dose and the second after several hours from the dose.

Iron: Fast for 6-8 hours. Arrive at the lab on the morning after end of menstrual cycle and prior to start of treatment with iron or blood transfusion.


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